On Judging and not reading

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Sun Aug 29 10:45:04 MDT 1999

>There is so much published on some topics that the topics themselves
>become irrelevant to thought. That is, the question of global warming
>cannot usefully enter into political or environmental thought because
>it is impossible to sort out the material published on it. Rational
>decision making on the issue has ceased to be a practical

This is a joke, right? If one makes the least amount of effort--through a
search on amazon.com or misc.activism.progressive, for example, you will
discover that there is one outstanding book which presents the case for
taking warnings about global warming seriously. That is Ross Gelbspan's
"The Heat is On." I wish Carrol would spend less time on finding excuses
why he can't or won't read various books or posts, and more time reporting
on things that he has read and recommends. As a retired college professor,
he would seem to have the time and training to sort through material that
interests him, which I assume would interest us as well. His "gruff old man
who can't be bothered" shtick is growing wearisome. Walter Matthau does it
much better at it and is entertaining to boot.

Louis Proyect

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