Czech Communist Party Gains in Popularity

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Sun Aug 29 09:47:08 MDT 1999

 Mac, with all respect, if you are going to say such things you could at
least quote what I said. I don't know where that quote came from. This is in
fact what I said:

"Have the CCP capitulated to the market, and become little more than
reformist Social Democrats? Or are they a bunch of Stalinist ex-bureaucrats
seeking their power back?"

 What you quoted does indeed sound silly, but since I did not say it, in the
interests of fair debate, I hope you accept the correction. I stick to what
I said, even if you think that is sectarian. Would I be sectarian if I
denounced the Russian Communist Party, which is indeed led by opportunist
ex-Stalinist bureaucrats whose ranks include millionaire heads of casinos,
and who propagate nationalism of the most repugnant kind, splattered with a
liberal amount of anti-Semitism borrowed from Russia's dark past? I think I
have the right to be cautious before I go: "hip-hip-hooray, the Reds are
back!" Do you really want reformist Social Democrats in power - as many of
the ex-Stalinists who came back to power became - or a repeat of the
dictatorships that ruled half this continent in the post-war period? I
thought we had learnt our lessons from history.

 I'm sorry, I completely miss that analogy. Where was the connection?

>     That aside, I got a personal belly laugh at the question that "are they
> Social Democrats or Stalinist dictators?", too. It reminded me of a
> "Crossfire" on CNN that debated whether or not to "go in hard" or to use
> light bombs instead on Iraq, just before "Desert Fox". That, Owen, is the
> height of sectarianism.
> If you can't see that, please take another look.
>       And, by the way, glad you are back.
> Macdonald

Owen Jones

"Life is beautiful. Let the future generations cleanse it of all evil,
oppression, and violence and enjoy it to the full."

Leon Trotsky

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