Czech Communist Party Gains in Popularity

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Aug 29 00:24:54 MDT 1999

>That aside, your politics are as lousy as ever. The mere imagination that
>communists are back on the political scene must really be a shock to you
>and your cronies. After all, your friends of the bourgeoisie thought they
>buried communism for good.
>Sven Buttler
Sven, aside from the crudeness of the disposal of Owen, I understand that it
needed to be done on your M-L list. It is annoying for Stalinist lists to be
swamped by Trots, and vice-versa. I would, however, point out that you are
no longer on that list here, this one has a place for Owen.

    That aside, I got a personal belly laugh at the question that "are they
Social Democrats or Stalinist dictators?", too. It reminded me of a
"Crossfire" on CNN that debated whether or not to "go in hard" or to use
light bombs instead on Iraq, just before "Desert Fox". That, Owen, is the
height of sectarianism.
If you can't see that, please take another look.
      And, by the way, glad you are back.

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