Kwame Nkrumah, was:On Judging and not reading

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Aug 29 00:10:21 MDT 1999

Massive snipping...

>And of course the list above is thoroughly Eurocentric except
>for Mencius. Surely everyone on this list has read and reread
>both the collected works of Nkrumah (sp?) and at least a
>dozen books on him so they can fairly judge whether he
>constitutes a key part of 20th century thought (as some claim)
>or was a complete fake (as others claim).


Although it was not Carrolls intent, I'd like to hear more on this. I have
read much of his works in the last year, and found them to be a sort of
Guevararist-Bolivarism for Africa. Someone on one of these lists simply
despises him, sending me something prsonnally. Do tell more......


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