Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Mon Aug 23 01:27:13 MDT 1999


As far as a totally negative obsession with plagues is concerned, I
might be missing something but isn't AIDS a class issue for Africa?


I'm not by any means an expert on this but there seem to be interesting
differences in the way the AIDS outbreak is being interpreted.  I think it
is incontrovertible that AIDS is a disease of poverty in this country - it
inevitably coincides with tuberculosis which remains the biggest killer of
the poor.  There also however seems to be an interpretation which says that
the most mobile sections of society are most affected.  This obviously
includes sections of the working class like migrant workers and long
truck drivers but in other African countries it's the educated professional
classes which seem to be most hit.  A recent study at a (formerly
black) university here indicated disastrous levels of HIV infection amongst
students.  But then there's also the notoriously unreliable and often
inflated nature of AIDS/HIV stats over which there's currently some debate
in this part of the World.  Obviously one reason for this is that health
NGOs et al tend
to inflate figures to get more funding.  This doesn't help achieve an
accurate picture of what's really happening and allows for the abuse of an
epidemic for the wrong political reasons too.

I can put you in touch with real experts on this if you like. I'm not one.


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