John Lloyd article on Russian collapse

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Mon Aug 23 07:16:37 MDT 1999

Louis writes:
>The article has a cautionary aspect. It is clear that what worries the
>is that the total collapse of the Soviet Union might usher in forces that
>are beyond their control. When it is openly admitted everywhere that this
>once powerful country suffered an economic collapse that percentage-wise
>equal to any collapse suffered during the Great Depression, nobody seems
>have the guts to discuss what would logically be the consequence: a
>turn against the capitalist system such as occurred in the 1930s.

One, I now feel that the gains of a planned economy were fairly well used
up before even Brezhnev. A modern economy cannot be run on a command basis
for long without running into problems. I think democracy is the only
substitute for the market in preventing an economy producing goods no one
wants. When the GDR collapsed the capitalists did not want the Privatised
industries even at a huge discount. As for the statistics well the old
saying comes to mind , lies, damned lies and statistics.

Two, there is a belief that Capitalism has a master plan. If this were so
they would not let Yeltsin fail. They would have a planned move to
Capitalism. But this is to ignore the nature of the beast. The profit
motive leads them to a planless world. Even Soros despairs of even common
sense coming to bear in the world economy. The domination of a large part
of the American ruling class by a no-nothing tendency reinforces this
point. e.g. The long term interests of world stability would lead to the
premise that a lot/most of the world debt (uncollectable anyway) be
written off (if individuals can go bankrupt why not nations). But this
they cannot do because of the nature of the beast especially the American
one. The Bretton Woods agreement was in the aftermath of a World War and
the perceived threat of Communism. As far as Bush and co, there is no such
threat now so no need for compromise etc.

Three, a backlash Yes. Alas the Browns are making as much running as the
Left. In my opinion more. Even the anti-semitic rhetoric is coming to the
fore. We must remember that Fascism does not necessarily need
Jim Monaghan

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