Cuba today (was Soviet statistics)

Tue Aug 24 09:09:25 MDT 1999

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> 08/24 3:25 PM >>>

I have a problem with calling Cuba's present situation as a
STAGE" since it is still NEP-like rather than fully
capitalist such as
contemporary Poland, or Jamaica for that matter.

Yes you're right; it is not "fully capitalist", which means
capitalism under the control of a comprador bourgeoisie and
which exists for the super-enrichment of that class and
their foreign patrons. It is instead a limited form of state
capitalism which is intended to advance and protect the
socialist revolution. Now the next question: if it is not
"fully capitalist" is it "fully socialist"?

My answer would be that Cuba is fully socialist in a
political sense, in that its development is still guided by
the hegemony and control of its communist party. But the
introduction of the market and the dollar (the influence of
which is seen everywhere in the cities, regardless of the
number of people officially employed in the market sectors)
is exactly what I implied it was, a pragmatic "pulling back"
from the project of socialist transformation, which we hope
will be temporary. The general point is that there is a
difference between your "NEP-like" capitalism on the one
hand and five year plan-like socialism on the other. I just
happen to think that something like the former is necessary
in certain situations. Like immediately after a
revolutionary victory in underdeveloped countries. Sometimes
it would last only a little while, and in some other cases
'each according to his work' would have to be delayed for a
considerably longer period, depending on the situation in
the country at the time.


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