Discussion on this list (was: Anarchism / Marxism debates)

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at SPAMadelaide.on.net
Wed Aug 25 05:44:14 MDT 1999

Louis wrote:

>I am proposing a break with this dialectic, which would seem to be
>facilitated by the collapse of the USSR. It is high time that Marxists put
>this tradition behind us and think more creatively about the tasks that
>confront us.

  How many more times are these words going to be said?

> It is now time to turn the page.

  Louis, we seem to come back and forth to this so-called nonsense
because we have turned the page, again and again. It is blank.

  You say no debates of old, yet you use them for the ink of your pen.

  We have two choices on this list. Debate the existing past/present,
Discuss our actions in the present/future.

  You say it is time to think more creatively. We don't seem to need
to, in discussing the existing past or present, do we? Creativity is
created from need. Only when this becomes a forum where action is the
discussion, will creative new approaches to those actions form.


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