National rights

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Wed Aug 25 07:57:34 MDT 1999

I dont want to put words in Philips mouth so to write.
I think that national rights can exist at a lot of levels that does not
imply full self determination or separation.
These can include provision for language rights.Schools ,newspapers,
television etc
Indigenous national groups ( Can I use the term nationality as a national
formation that is not a fully fledged nation.) need and are entitled to
some rights under this.
The Jacobin French state discriminates against the other language groups
in the state, Bretons, Basque, Occitans, Corsikans, Alsatians, Catalans,
and Flemings.
In Europe the isolated Slovaks of Jugoslavia (Serbia) come to mind, and of
course the Vlach and Roma.
The Blackfeet in the USA and Canada may not be a viable nation but there
are rights as a people they are entitled to under any democratic norm and
especially under the extension of democracy that I believe is Socialism.

Philip made a statement that Shakespeare belonged to world culture but he
was a p[roduct of English culture and is a gift to the World by the
English. ( Funny this from an Irish Republican, but then I am grateful to
say the French for the gift of Republicanism)
Marx/Engels said somewhere that German, French and English developments in
thinking allows their thinking to develop. Cannot remember the quote.

Oh for a debate on nationalism and oppressed groups that covers all the
Jim Monaghan

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