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Louis, I recall that Adam Hochschild discussed the importance of Casement in
interviews I heard about his King Leopold's Ghost.

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Announcing the publication of: 'The Amazon Journal of Roger Casement'
> edited by Angus Mitchell
> 84 St Pauls Crescent, London NW1 9XZ, +44 (0) 171 482 4676
> editions at anaconda.win-uk.net
> http://www.win-uk.net/~anaconda/
> "He could tell you things! Things I've tried to forget; things I never did
> know."
> --Joseph Conrad
> "... his was a heroic nature. I should like to write upon him subtly, so
> that his enemies would think I was with them till they finished my book and
> rose from reading it to call him a hero. He has the appeal of a broken
> archangel."
> --T.E. Lawrence
> "This is a book of the very greatest interest, which urgently deserves
> publication."
> --Richard Bourne, Survival International
> In the first decade of the twentieth century, British Consul Roger Casement
> carried out two investigations into atrocities in the Congo Free State and
> Amazon rainforest. His official reports exposed widespread genocide against
> tribal people enslaved to collect rubber. In 1911 Casement was knighted for
> the courage and cogency of his investigations. Five years later, in the
> apocalyptic August of 1916, he was tried and hanged for high treason for
> his role in Ireland's Easter Rising. Ever since, his place as the
> outstanding humanitarian of his age has been overshadowed by the
> controversy surrounding explicit sex diaries that he is alleged to have
> scribbled whilst carrying out these investigations, extracts from which
> were shown to influential figures at the time in a successful attempt to
> undermine any campaign to have his sentence commuted
> The introduction to this first edition of The Amazon Journal of Roger
> Casement explores the background to the issue of those "Black Diaries" and
> the manner in which the controversy surrounding them has clouded subsequent
> understanding both of Casement the man and of his life's work. In the
> process, it makes a formidable case for the argument that the "Black
> Diaries" were forged. Subsequently, the book consists of the complete text,
> annotated by the editor, of the compelling journal kept by Casement during
> his Amazon investigation, along with further Casement writings in the
> course of his journey into the jungle and back.
> The editor has previously lived in and written about Spain. Nowadays, when
> not working in archives in South America and Europe, Angus Mitchell tends a
> farmstead in the Brazilian highlands, surrounded by an increasingly
> numerous and exotic menagerie.
> Louis Proyect
> (http://www.panix.com/~lnp3/marxism.html)


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