KKK armed march threatened in Columbus, OH

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Wed Aug 25 08:26:32 MDT 1999

    Left listers to arms to defense of Yoshie and other comrades.

Charles Brown


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                      * ANTI-FASCIST ALERT *


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                * ANTI-RACIST ACTION - COLUMBUS *
                          P.O. Box 82097
                       Columbus, Ohio 43202
                         Tel: 614-424-9074
                       E-mail: ara at coil.com
                   Web: http://www.coil.com/~ara
                    - Sunday, 22 August 1999 -



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     Throughout the Summer, the Ku Klux Klan has suffered
innumerable defeats at the hands of Anti-Racist Action and local
communities throughout the midwest. The nazis have been
confronted and humiliated every time they've stepped out of the
shadows, and are now looking to exact revenge, particularly in
light of the very real physical losses they and their supporters
suffered earlier this season in Kettering, Ohio. Their plan, to
march ARMED through the downtown city streets and urban
neighborhoods of Columbus will not go unopposed.

     Because Pomp and Circumstance, as well as the image of power
and solidarity attract marginalized people who are relatively
powerless and looking for an alternative to the current social
superstructure to the Klan, and allow them to propagate their
anti-human message they must be stopped from marching armed by
any means necessary.

     Communities across the country are sick and tired of fascist
lunatics and their now weekly murder sprees. It's time for us all
to show our homegrown would be oppressors and tyrants that our
bonds of community, and the strength thereof is the REAL power in
the Midwest, not their imaginary white "race", nor their
guns, their robes, or their battalions of wannabe nazi-era
stormtrooper re-enactors. They thrive under the cover of darkness
and on the apathy and fear of communities which they terrorize,
but when they march at noon in Columbus, they will not pass.

     We need all people who are able to come to Columbus on
Saturday the 11th of September to show their opposition to
fascism and genocide, regardless of political tendency or
orientation towards struggle for a free and just world. We will
be more than happy to accommodate any interested parties with
housing and other accommodations for the weekend, if the need

     Voice your presence in the struggle against murder and
hatred on Sept. 11th, and call ARA Columbus at 614.424.9074, or
email ara at coil.com (or classwarb at yahoo.com if you'd like to stay
at the c.w.c ghetto palace!) so that we can begin to get an idea
of the numbers that will be present, and strategize against the
armed invasion of our city by nazis.

                              * * *


     (LOUISVILLE, KY) - ON August 7th, Anti-Racist Action member
and anti-racist activist Greg Geisler, 22, was arrested and
imprisoned while a crowd of local onlookers witnessed an all to
frequent scene in America. "I will BREAK your arms, do you
understand me?" shouted a Louisville police officer while
arresting Geisler under a city *MENACING* ordinance, meant to
protect residents from the racist terror of the KKK.

     Greg, who is a sophomore at Ohio State University, majoring
in Criminology and Economics has no criminal history, and has
never been arrested.

     A Louisville based arts production company that was
performing a play based on the life of Jesus, had experienced
trouble with the Klan the previous week, when they arrived in
full regalia, intent on physically shutting intimidating and
harassing attendees, and violating the free speech rights of
local Louisville residents by shutting down the play.

     The racist Klan in question, the American Knights of
the KKK, is a violent and criminal organization, led by one Jeff
Barry of Butler, Indiana. Butler has been charged by law
enforcement with Home Improvement Fraud, a Class C felony, as
well as battery of an infant child, who Barry picked up with his

     Greg, and other anti-racist activist from Columbus Ohio,
Louisville, and Lexington, Kentucky were asked to come and
perform security for the play.

     Members of the Louisville Police Department were heard by
several local bystanders telling members of the KKK to disperse
so that the police could leave under the guise of having "dealt"
with the problem, and to come back and do whatever they "needed"
to do to attendees of the play, queer activist, and members of

     Shortly after the police had seemingly left, the trouble
began, with police waiting in the wings hoping for an attack
against the anti-racist and playgoers, and opting for an arrest
and intimidation when it became apparent that this would not

     Members of the Louisville Police Department have suffered
disciplinary action for their part in the racist movement, and
attacks on minorities in the Louisville community.

     Nearly halfway through the production, a cadre of
paramilitarily dressed Klansmen, sporting clean shaven heads,
full tattoo sleeves, and weighing nearly 250 lbs. each came
marching down the streets in block formation to shut down the
play. Anti-Racist Activists, and concerned neighbors (mostly
teenagers and elderly folks) formed a line to block the Klan
from intimidating or hurting anyone nearby.

     Because of the violent history of the Klan, and obvious
relationship with the Louisville P.D., anti-racists wore
bandannas to prevent the fascists from learning their identities.
This was the justification of Greg's set-up arrest for
"menacing". The Louisville police, who apparently knew members of
the KKK from OUT OF STATE on a first name basis also charged Greg
with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, which was nothing more
than a key-chain, which can be purchased at many stores across
the country. He was jailed on a cash only bond, while the Klan
was allowed to leave in peace.

     During his incarceration, Greg was held in a cell with no
running water, denied NECESSARY medical treatment and attention,
and was humiliated and had his freedom stripped from him for the
crime of helping Louisville residents defend their freedom to
assemble, and right to free speech.

     Now, he is facing serious criminal charges, which could
drastically alter the course of his life.

     We are asking all people who oppose the racism and terror of
the KKK and believe in free speech to contact the Jefferson
County prosecutors office at: and demand that all charges against
Greg be dropped.

     In the meantime, Greg is facing a lengthy and expensive
court battle. If you are able, please send contributions to his
defense fund, c/o ARA Columbus.

     Show the Klan that racist terror will not be tolerated in
our communities, and send a clear message to the Louisville
Police Department that collaboration with these types of
organizations will not be tolerated any longer.

     AFIB Editor's Note: For further information on Greg
     Geisler's case please contact ARA-Louisville; PO Box 4964;
     Louisville, KY 40204-0964; E-mail: louara at hotmail.com; Web:

                              * * *

                        SHUT DOWN THE KLAN

                    Kettering OH:    August 28th
                    Orlando FL:      August 28th
                    Columbus OH:     September 11th
                    Corydon IN:      September 11th
                    Steubenville OH: October 2nd

     Stop the Aryan Nation's march! September 4th, Coeur D'Alene
     End the Attack on Iraq! Solidarity with the Iraqi people!
     Stop the Bombing! End the Sanctions!
     Demand an end to US/NATO Imperialism in the Balkans! Bring
     the Troops home now!

     Act Now and Take to the Streets to Demand Freedom for Mumia
     Abu-Jamal! Free Mumia!!!! Free all Political Prisoners and
     Prisoners of War!

     First Justice...................Then Peace!

     * AFIB Editor's Note: According to "mainstream" press
     reports, the Aryan Nations have cancelled the Coeur D'Alene
     march on September 4th.

                              * * *

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