Anarchism / Marxism debates

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Aug 23 14:28:55 MDT 1999

David Welch:
>The course of October refutes the idea of "sweeping past the democratic
>tasks" as the Bolshevik party realised when they rejected Trotsky's plans
>for labour armies and military discipline in factories as well as for
>liquidating the kulaks too early (and finally rejected Trotskyism
>wholesale). In fact it was nearly twenty years until socialism was
>achieved in the USSR.

In NYC they have an off-off-Broadway troupe that performs Shakespeare plays
like "Hamlet" in church basements under 5 minutes. I have heard they are
vastly amusing and well worth the $10 they charge. I can't imagine it being
any more farcical than Welch's attempt to compress nearly 20 years of
Soviet history into 59 words. Let me see if I can get into the act:

Stalin seizes power...3rd period...Red Referendum in Saxony...Hitler
victorious...Dmitrov right turn...Popular Front...Andres Nin
murdered...Franco rules...Molotov-Ribbentrop pact...antifascist agitation
banned...Peter Seeger sings isolationist folk songs...Hitler invades
Russia...Roosevelt now Lincoln...antiracist March on Washington aids
fascists...antifascist war ends, Cold war begins...Browder gets the
boot...Krushchev revelations...CP's fall apart.

There. The entire rise and fall of the Stalinist movement in 42 words. And
you got it for free.

Louis Proyect


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