Re(2): 'Cultural heritages'

jbm7 at jbm7 at
Mon Aug 23 12:15:50 MDT 1999

Philip writes:
>As far as 'preserving the unique cultural heritages of all national
>go, why would this be a liberating and progressive project?  Who wants to
>preserve the 'unique cultural heritage' of Ulster Unionists, Afrikaners,
>Zionists or, for that matter, the British, French, Germans, Americans etc

By culture I do not mean Orangism, KKKism, Racism, female circumcision,
wife beating, witch burning etc etc. These may be culture under some
definitions  but not mine.

I would preserve say Goethe not Hitler. Poetry written in the Scots
dialect in the North  (see Paulins book). Does not Shakespeare speak you
us all in spite of English Imperialism. I gather Philip has little time
for Maori national rights but does he think that they had nothing in their
culture worth a look never mind preserving. My eldest is doing Classical
studies on Greek and Roman civilisations, slave societies all but still
they produced some things which are worth preserving (say the Greek plays
which are still topical). Stalin went into Russifying the "lesser" nations
of the USSR.

Let us cleans the human experience of all that is bad. I am trying to
recall Trotskys beautiful expression. But let us not throw out the
cultural inheritance with the exploitative, racist and dirty bathwater.

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