"Riga Axioms" Research Query

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Has anyone on the list done any work related to the so-called Riga Axioms or
the Riga Group of the 1920s (Dulles brothers, Paul Nitze, William Bullitt,
James Forrestal, Charles E Wilson, Phillip Reed of GE, George Kennan, Robert
Murphy, Loy Henderson, Joseph Grew, Hugh Gibson, James Clement Dunn,
Elbridge Dubrow, Ray Atherton, Arthur Bliss Lane etc) who advanced the
notion of creation of a "cordon sanitaire" and social systems engineering
"axioms"/tactics against the USSR and Bolshevism in general?

I have read Daniel Yergin's "Shattered Peace: The Origins of the Cold War
and the National Security State" and Martin Weil's "A Pretty Good Club: The
Founding Fathers of the U.S. Foreign Service" but would appreciate any other

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