On Judging and not reading

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at SPAMadelaide.on.net
Thu Aug 26 22:50:35 MDT 1999


  It is not necessary to read a book in order to discuss the ideas in it.

  You say ridiculous and untrue? Do you judge a new plant you see,
despite knowing nothing of biology? You know it only by its face, and
there set it relative to other plants. Is this good enough for you to
judge? And if you did not, what then?

  Factually incorrect? What sort of ideas are we unable to judge,
without reading more about them? I have never read a word of fascism,
yet am I not qualified to discuss the ideas in Mein Kampf, am I
unable to see its' general programme from the existing world, and
come to my own judgements?

  You say pompous. Is expecting people the luxury to know through and
through all things they judge pompous? What people in such a world
would become those qualified to judge, and who not?

  On deleting Carrol's posts before you read him. Carrol's posts are
top among those I always read. Your 'power' to ignore Carrol is
meaningless next to the value of listening to him.


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