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Clinton doctrine: world cop

By Victor Perlo

In announcing his "doctrine" last month President Clinton stated that
whenever civilians are attacked anywhere "because of their race, ethnic
background, or their religion - and it's within our power to stop it, we
will stop it."

That credo was used to justify U.S. occupation of Bosnia and our current
occupation of the Kosovo province of Yugoslavia, where civil conflict
designed to break up Yugoslavia was largely organized by Washington,
with other NATO countries as accomplices. The same precept is the U.S.
justification given for the near-daily bombing of Iraq - supposedly to
defend Kurds in the north and a religious faction in the south.

The Wall Street Journal commented:

"But the Russians and some European allies worry that Mr. Clinton is
pledging to deputize the U.S. military as a global cop." (7/6/99)

Their fears are certainly valid: the "cop" could be used against any of
them. Clinton's advisers are preparing a presidential speech for the
fall in which he will precisely define the doctrine. The list of
previous "doctrines" makes clear that each new one continues and builds
on earlier ones. Thus, the anti-working class, anti-Communist essence of
earlier pronouncements will continue.

The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 was taught in every history class when I
went to school. Posing as a defense against European intervention, it
really declares U.S. capitalism's determination to control the entire
Western Hemisphere. Under it, the United States waged war against and
dispossessed all Native American peoples; we seized more than half of
Mexico's land area. To avoid U.S. military appropriation, large areas
were given to or sold cheaply to America by Spain, France and Russia. By
the end of the 19th century, the United States occupied many Central
American and Caribbean countries.

The Truman Doctrine, under the pretense of "containing" Soviet
influence, was actually a declaration of war against the Greek people,
who were winning a revolution for socialism. Using the full weight of
its military power, the U.S. forces finally defeated the Greek
revolutionary armies.

The Eisenhower Doctrine covered the conversion of Israel into a
mini-imperialist surrogate for U.S. imperialism in the Middle East.

The Nixon Doctrine used South African racist forces to wreck the
economies of Mozambique and Angola, and to prevent consolidation of
their socialist-oriented societies.

The Carter Doctrine placed the U.S. fleet in the Persian Gulf to insure
the shift of a large part of British and French oil holdings into the
hands of U.S. Standard Oil monopolies.

The Reagan Doctrine imposed CIA-organized fascist dictatorships in Latin
America and conflicts to overthrow progressively oriented regimes in
Africa. Simultaneously, it accelerated the arms race, announcing as its
goal forcing the USSR to do likewise at the expense of peaceful

All the post-World War II doctrines were implemented with extreme
cruelty - mass torture and murders - by U.S. trained deputies and
mercenaries. Now the Clinton administration, goaded by the Republicans
to be even tougher, continues its determination to completely smash
Yugoslavia and Iraq, and to impose on them governments chosen by
Washington. The 2000 elections may make enforcement of these doctrines
more murderous: George W. Bush is regarded as even more belligerent and
expansionist than Clinton or Gore.

Now Colombia is becoming a major focus. Washington annually doubles the
financing and the military to fight the revolutionary forces, headed by
FARC, which has the support of much of the peasantry and has won control
over an area approximately the size of Massachusetts, Connecticut and
Rhode Island combined. FARC is fighting against the Clinton Doctrine,
which tries to disguise its intervention as "drug suppression."

The actuality was exposed when the wife of the U.S. colonel in charge of
the intervention was arrested for wholesale narcotics importation and
sale in the United States. What a farce!

The most heavily armed fascists and neo-fascist forces can be beaten, as
the Soviets defeated Hitlerism in World War II and the Vietnamese
defeated its U.S. would-be conquerors - with assistance from the U.S.
peace movement. Our peace forces today actively oppose U.S. aggression
in the Americas: the militant actions against the "School of the
Assassins" in Georgia; movements in support of liberation struggles in
Central America, etc. U.S. trade unions are involved in some of these
efforts. But, as yet, there is little awareness among peace forces of
the significance of the Colombian struggle. Surely it will come.

Most urgently is the need for a much stronger peace movement in the
United States, with the active, strong participation of the trade

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