what does chaz want? (was anarchism/marxism)

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Chaz wrote:

we should _plan_ our wants?  how does one go about doing

I'm not an economist but even I can see that this is an
important question, for the more underdeveloped countries
especially. One of the first things that a revolutionary
regime could do is to start implementing an incomes policy,
which is impossible under a pure free market system.
Narrowing the income gap (say from 10:1 to 3:1) would have
the effect of changing the pattern of demand. No one would
be able to afford to buy imported luxury goods very much, so
they would begin disappearing off the shelves of the
'exclusive' stores. On the other hand a lot more people
would be able to buy popular consumer goods, including
things, for example, that are useful to small agricultural
producers. This would help to establish a functioning
national market around locally produced consumer goods,
because the demand for them has been 'artificially' created.
It would also help to build linkages between the
manufacturing sector and the agricultural sector, etc.
Notice how this type of thinking is revolutionary and
anti-imperialist in that it doesn't depend on reforms like
import substitution, etc. - instead it requires the
overthrow of the ruling class, a degree of state monopoly
over imports and exports, the fixing of agricultural prices
to bring rural incomes closer to urban ones, etc. There is
still a degree of capitalism, but not of the comprador
variety. The key thing is that if one starts off by
accepting the pure logic of micro economics, then one
accepts that demand (or needs, or wants) is a law unto
itself, which is pure liberalism. As I say, I'm not an
economist, but it seems to me that there are important
things in this line that a revolutionary regime should do,
as a reorientation of the society towards greater
egalitarianism, and in the direction of socialism.


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