Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Tue Aug 24 05:36:57 MDT 1999

This is absolutely the last thing I want to say about this issue (which I
initially ventured onto in the heat of the moment in response to an abstract
analysis of current events in South Africa by Lou Paulsen).

>>Russell says Lou Proyect can enlighten us on his political orientation

I think it should have been obvious that, based on his previous remarks, I
was being sarcastic.

>>(which some of us would like to know about so that we can tell whether to
>>take his comments seriously or laugh them off).

It amazes me that whether someone's ideas have any validity seems to be
judged by a number of people on this list by one's organisational
connections (real or imagined), history etc.  Smells a bit like '"Are you or
have you ever been...?" to me.

>Russell is a supporter of the ex-RCP in Great Britain....

Not strictly correct.  But in the face of Lou's rants I'll stand up for
their tradition.

(snipped) ...To get a feel for the issues they are
>focusing on nowadays, their current issue which can be seen on their
>webpage, takes on and debunks the hazards of summer vacations, such as
>overexposure to the sun. They advise that "panic mongers" have made life
>miserable for people who want a decent tan and claim that worries over skin
>cancer, like global warming, are based on false science.

What Lou neglects to say here is that what really got him going in relation
to LM was the TV series,  Against Nature, which featured some LM people (and
also a lot of others). It debunked much of the green/left establisment and
most of its holy cows on prime-time TV where the real left is never supposed
to venture.  The green/left (and Lou I believe) of course went apoplectic.

 Somehow this has
>something to do with getting people to assert themselves again, in order to
>prepare the groundwork for political action. Apparently you have to start
>with proper tanning methods and fox-hunting before you consider the general
>strike or workers defense guards against fascism.

Didn't I notice a few articles on Yugoslavia, abortion, state repression,
the world economy etc in recent issues of LM in addition to stuff on risk
and the individuation of society which LM argues are important in
understanding the current state of things?  But perhaps the real audience
for Lou's kind of left is only interested in the really serious stuff one
finds on this site.

>the ex-RCP developed an almost
>inexplicable fondness for multinational corporations who were championed in
>much the same terms as Marx championed the northern industrialists in 1860
>against the Dixie rebels.

I believe this has something to do with the fact that an Absolut vodka jug
was seen on the speaker's podium at some or other recent LM event.  Perhaps
Lou can enlighten us further?

But seriously - I 'd rather not take this discussion any further.


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