Global warming kills

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Just a minor comment below:  but really to CONGRATULATE José for the
excellent summary he has given (in the message referred to below and the
following message) of the furore about "global warming" - and what we REALLY
know about climatic changes - their possible causes and possible effects.

This is a REALLY important topic - which incidentally shows how the absence
of a dialectical materialist understanding of NATURAL PHENOMENA can lead so
many -  not just journalists, but also scientists and political-Marxists

I really am most grateful to José for amplifying my original contribution,
which I had just not found the time to expand.....

Paddy [please screen down....]

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> Hundreds of years later, the climate, at least in Western
> Europe, turned much colder, and the River Thames froze over, something
> unheard of since then.

Actually the Thames DID freeze over in the winter of 1962/3 - I have a
collection of photographs of the various locks between Reading and
Maidenhead during that period all frozen solid - and students of Reading
University (for their RAG DAY) drove a "Baby Austin" [a 1937 or thereabouts
small motor car] down the Thames from Caversham Bridge to Reading Bridge.
[Later that spring the same "Baby Austin" was "found" on the roof of the
Hilton Hotel in Park Lane,  London - same rag project!!!].

---  Apart from this comment, I agree wholeheatedly with what José has

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