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Recently an Irish Gov. Minister admitted to bisexuality. To show where
Irish society is at the present it had very little effect on his political
Parnell was ousted by a combination of British Gov. pressure, The Catholic
Church and his jealous rivals in the Home Rule party. Even here Parnellite
candidates were getting respectable votes in spite of the church. Irish
society in spite of the priest ridden image was not as bad as portrayed.
Joyce depicts it well with the Parnell supporter decrying those who would
throw quicklime in Parnells eye.
A parallel might be drawn with the Liberal politician Dilke who was driven
from office on a sexual matter.
Casement who came home to advise against the Rising had his chances of a
reprieve damned by the diaries.I tend to think parts not necessarily all
of the homosexual items were forged. Some of these were of an exploitative
nature and given Casements nature I would think him incapable of
I read a biography of Morrell the other anti-slavery campaigner and
Casement is written out in it.
Casement at one time offered to subsidise the education of two Aran
Islanders, the O'Flaherty brothers. One was the novelist Liam the other
the CPUSA founder Thomas.
It is great to see the renewed interest in this great world hero.
Jim Monaghan

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