Fidel vs LM

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Wed Aug 25 19:07:36 MDT 1999

Charles Brown wrote: < I saw a USA Today headline story the other day
that said that the US is not allowing Americans who were in England in a
certain time period to donate blood because of the danger of mad cow
disease contamination. No doubt LM says this is panic mongering, but
sheeeeshhhhh, I think capitalism is about to exterminate the human race,
like Fidel says. >

The problem with LM is that having hit upon the fact that the way that
Aids in Britain was being used as a moral panic, with actual facts being
submerged under a deluge of scare propaganda, it went on to say that
practically everything else that the government or concerned bodies say
on health and similar issues must also be based on a similarly
fraudulent methodology.

Global warming, genetically modified food, sunbathing, ecological
problems like rainforests, you name it, the LM line is to tackle the
doomsayers in government departments and ecological groups not by
attempting a rational argument based on dispassionate research, but by
denying that there is any problem. Often, the authorities used by LM are
extremely dubious, like Ron Arnold's free enterprise thinktank.

I remember when I was an RCP supporter years back, I used to think that
we were often being contrary for the sake of it, and taking a one-sided
view of things. (Having said that, I don't want to reject the whole
experience of the party, as a lot of the theoretical work of the party
was excellent, and remains valuable.) Now having junked Marxism and
indeed any discernable or coherent political viewpoint, those tendencies
have gone out of control, and there's nothing to stop that wilful
contrariness and one-sidedness from taking LM writers into all manner of
weird directions.

I think that the willingness of Marxists to go along with all manner of
middle-class fads and fashions is damaging. Nonetheless, I don't think
that things raised by, say, Greens can merely be blithely waved away in
LM's Panglossian way.

Paul F

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