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NY Times, August 27, 1999

Tensions Grow After 2 Sioux Are Killed


WHITECLAY, Neb. -- There is a shrine of sorts by the road near here, where
the bodies of Wilson Black Elk Jr. and Ronald Hard Heart were found on June
8. Fellow Sioux Indians have decorated the spot with offerings of chocolate
bars, cigarettes, plastic flowers and eagle feathers, and surrounded it
with a simple, triangular fence of wood posts and beams, 5 feet on a side.

People come to this shrine not in mourning but in anger. For the two men
had been beaten to death, and the still-unsolved slayings have ignited
simmering Sioux anger here in the low, grassy hills along Nebraska's border
with South Dakota.

Many American Indians are convinced that the men were killed by whites and
that white sheriff's deputies in northwestern Nebraska are covering up the
crime and might even have been involved. The sheriff's office denies this
and has vowed to help find the killers.

American Indians have marched in protests every Saturday for two months.
The first march, in late June, turned violent, with demonstrators looting
and burning a store here that sold beer and groceries. . .

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