Standing Up For Affirmative Action

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Sun Aug 29 22:26:17 MDT 1999

All I am saying is that if we, as radicals, are to defend AA, we can't do so
by defending capitalism along with it.  If there are indeed good reasons for
AA from a radical perspective I am willing to hear that out.  But until then
I stand by my argument that AA is nothing but a liberal attemy to paint
capitalism with a smily face.  And we all know that is not possible.

Liberals are happy to pretend to be friends of the working class.  But you
cannot simultaneously defend capitalist interests and working class interests
at the same time with a straight face.

Radicalism seems to be softening up these days by defending reformism.  How
much can you reform capitalism to be more equitable when capitalism by design
is the cause of inequality???

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