"Co-optation" and "Heterodoxy"

TAHIR WOOD TWOOD at SPAMadfin.uwc.ac.za
Tue Aug 31 03:17:41 MDT 1999

>>> "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu> 08/30 11:10 PM >>>

 How much of Orthodoxy has been
really challenged or co-opted by the Heterodox? How much of
Heterodoxy is a
co-opted caricature--of the caricatures of Radical Left held
and spread by
the Orthodoxy? How much of Heterodoxy is based on
caricatures of the

Yes it's amazing how quickly passion becomes fashion, isn't
it? (I think that's a quote from Andy Warhol). But you know
what really bothers me, speaking as a fan of some fringe
types of  music? It's not so much that the heterodox gets
co-opted or whatever - after all nothing lasts forever -
it's more the fact that the anarchists seem to have all the
best tunes. After all, they are the heterodox types, aren't
they? OK there's Rage against the Machine, but mostly
marxists are content to allow the anarchists and other
fringe elements who are often quite hostile to marxism to
dominate this sphere of cultural life. Even worse, this
heterodox aestheticism sometimes even shades imperceptibly
into overtly rightwing stances. Actually, after years of
thinking about it, I'm still struggling to develop a marxist
approach to art and popular culture that can satisfy me.


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