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>Overall, I think there is
>an interesting parallel here:  the libertarians don't give enough credit to
>the individualism in Marx, and the Marxists don't give enough credit to the
>organic dialecticism in the works of certain libertarians.>
>Charles: Why do you think Marxists need anymore individualsim than we
>already have ? Is your reason entirely the history of actual socialisms, or
>something Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc. said ?

I was speaking strictly in terms of "methodological individualism" which is
not the same as ethical individualism.  On the topic of ethical
individualism, I would say that, yes, actual socialisms have not had a good
history of protecting or augmenting the autonomy of the individual.

>I don't know of any practical fruits of AR's ideas that would make me look
>to her theory for "help". In fact, on the contrary.
>Charles Brown

Again, in this context, my comments were of an entirely "methodological"
nature.  There are many instances in the history of thought of practicing
methodological individualists who are not ethical individualists.

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