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                             Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #374
                             September 1, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

EAST TIMOR: STEP UP SOLIDARITY! East Timor's capital, Dili, is virtually
under siege by pro-Indonesian militias determined to prevent the people
realising their overwhelming desire for independence. Resisting the renewed
attacks, the East Timorese need our active solidarity.


 * East Timor: step up solidarity!
 * Indonesia out of East Timor! Freedom now!
 * Dili under siege
 * Referendum violations


 * China's economy on the edge
 * French farmers take on McDonald's
 * Drug company research ignores Third World needs
 * Rift grows between COSATU and ANC
 * South African pay battle a test of strength
 * Palestinians refuse to surrender quietly
 * Aceh: repression and resistance
 * The struggle for trade unions in Indonesia
 * Habibie under more pressure
 * Turkey's unnatural disaster


 * Colombia: It's not about drugs, it's about revolution
 * Colombia's long struggle for revolution
 * ALP betrayal on youth wages
 * Appeal for students of Iran
 * Forest protest under fire
 * McEducation
 * Resistance plans to Rock Against Howard
 * Conference opposes nuclear waste dump
 * Uruguay high school revolt


 * News briefs
 * Labor shift on family payments
 * Tibet supporters protest Jiang Zemin visit
 * Pilger film night in Darwin
 * Wollongong ASIET club launched
 * Eden forest agreement to meet with protest
 * Action updates
 * Rubber stamp for Sydney nuclear reactor
 * CPSU wins union agreement in ACT Chief Minister's Department
 * Big turnout in ACT against `second wave'
 * Rally opposes Reith's industrial laws
 * Wreaths for Reith: the patient isn't dead yet!
 * National strike against `second wave' proposed
 * Queensland government plans hospital privatisations
 * Nursing Canberra back to health
 * Health workers to rally against cuts
 * Unions beat Shell
 * Box Hill TAFE in historic strike
 * Forest protest camp attacked


 * Rebuilding unions -- organising and democracy
 * Dita Sari tour boosts solidarity
 * Labor's `New Solutions' offers no solutions
 * Feminists condemn `Day of 6 Billion'
 * Federal goverenment shoots the messenger
 * WA government's forests policy
 * How we can save WA's forests
 * 1975: The year that no-one mentions


 * When the working class isn't
 * Song for Mumia
 * The revolution will be televised
 * A `lesser revolutionary' -- much lesser
 * On the box


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