FW: UN Dioxin POPs Urgency - E-mail Correction/Changes

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Subject: UN Dioxin POPs Urgency - E-mail Correction/Changes

Subject: UN Dioxin POPs Urgency - Changes
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Correct e-mail and other changes in previous message:
RE: UN Dioxin POPs Urgency

The correct spelling for Mr. Yeager is:

Mr. Brooks Yeager
His email address is: bYeager at state.gov
He is on leave this week and will be going directly to Geneva...fax him
a copy at:
International Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland
Fax: 011 41 22 919 38 38

Correct spelling for Mr. Muehling is:
Mr. Brian Muehling
muehling.brian at epamail.epa.gov

The corrected email address for:
Mr. Dick White
Office of Pesticides, Prevention & Toxic Substances
e-mail: white.rd at epa.gov

The Plan is still to direct your comments to Ms. Albright.  The U.S.
team will be meeting today and tomorrow, so your comments are

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