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A few more quick comments on AA....

We should remember that while it is true that the ruling class in the United
States is dominated by white males-- (whiteness is indeed a factor in them
becoming the oppressive class) they did not become ruling class simply by
being "good investors" nor did they become ruling class by being 'hard
workers'.  It is through INHERITANCE and PROPERTY relations that they became
that way.  Therefore it is essential for RADICALS OF ALL STRIPES to focus
attention on inheritance and property and stopping those relations from
taking root.

Inheritence is not simply a rich uncle dying and leaving his company to his
next of kin.  It is inheriting jobs from the father which create a hegemonic
ruling class.  This happens, unfortunately even in the working class--where
family of union members are guaranteed jobs, and non union members are left
without a union.   This creates a hegemonic ruling class as well.

We must abolish inheritance in all its forms!  This is the way to correct
past injustices.  Affirmative Action does not address this fully.

And--in the rare circumstances that a member of the working class becomes a
member of the bourgeois--(s)he in NO WAY raises the working class as a whole.
 In most cases they are DETRIMENTAL.  In a similar way when a member of a
minority minority becomes part of the ruling class (s)he will STAB ALL

We must focus our efforts on raising the WORKING CLASS from oppression and
NOT on raising ONE or TWO members of the WORKING CLASS into being an
OPPRESSIVE authority.

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