Individualism in Marx

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Tue Aug 31 19:06:38 MDT 1999

> George: To engage in this kind of abstract reductionism in which all is
> reduced to the abstraction of power. Capitalist society cannot be subjected
> to adequate analysis through such a vague abstract form. This mystifying
> approach is an attempt to substitute the powerful and revolutionary concepts
> of Mars's critique of political economy as it exists in Capital for the fuzzy
> notion of power. The concept capital ipso facto implies a specific form of
> exploitation of one class by another. By contrast the notion power relations
> implies no such class relation at all,.
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> George Pennefather

On the contrary, Rand's analysis talks about power relations in the NEOFASCIST
political economy of the 20th century, and discusses specific classes --
primarily big business -- that has benefited from this class system.  On these
issues, Rothbard has been even more explicit, creating a more complex class
theory that locates power specifically in the state-banking nexus and its

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