Libertarian polarisation

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Mon Aug 30 17:38:29 MDT 1999

>Much as I'm flattered by comparisons with Gramsci. - modesty forbids, etc.
>- Lou P.  misses my point. Gramsci cuts little ice today with most
>families, who nevertheless resent social workers butting in on the running
>of their families, but assume it's OK with other, 'problem' families.

Gramsci is not intended for the average family who reads Newsweek or watch
lots of TV. He is intended for Marxists like us (well, maybe not you), who
are trying to make sense of contemporary society. Obviously Gramsci has
very little use for LM since it is competing with Newsweek on its own turf.

>(Annecdotally, meeting up with the parents I mentioned in a previous
>posting for the first time in over a decade confirmed this. 'Obviously you
>Barney would look after your daughter, but as for other parents ...' was
>the direction of the conversation.)

Why does LM rely so much on anecdotes? Anecdotes from Amazon Indians how
they prefer "development". Anecdotes about racial attitudes in London.
Etc., etc., ad nauseum. Don't you understand what a rigorous Marxist
analysis is meant to achieve? When I hooked up with Paul Flewers at the Red
Porcupine or whatever the bookstore is called, he pointed out a stack of
Marxist classics at least 3 feet tall selling at a clearance. "Those are
the ex-RCP's old inventory. They don't need them any more," he said. I have
a feeling that you couldn't write a serious class analysis of British
society if your life depended on it.

>Therefore an  anti-state interventionist intervention in a publication
>intended for widespread circulation makes sense, in order to undercut the
>wider pro-interventionist sentiments - hence, in part, LM's libertarian
>tag.  Along the way, anything to disuade the youngsters who wish to enrol
>on social worker training courses as a step toward changing the world
>('though nowadays 'the meja' is more popular) is worthwhile.

Anti-state interventionist? Pro-interventionist? Where did you learn
gobbledy-gook like this? Did RCP cadres attend re-education camps in order
to study Freshmen political science texts intended to purge your minds of
Marxism? The state is bodies of armed men who defend the interests of the
ruling class. Your blather about "intervention" is the stuff of Sunday
morning television in the USA. I can't believe that you take this crap
seriously, or is it just an elaborate joke? Wink-wink.

>Although the RCP as was took issue with Analytical Marxism in 'Marxism in
>our Time', _Confrontation_ Vol. 1, No. 1, among other places, but that's
>another story.

Yeah, those were the good old days. Now it's articles about panics over
scented toilet paper.

>Would Lou not accept that the real deveopments impact upon the classes that
>used to engage in class struggle on a far wider scale than today?

Is this self-parody? Excellent!

>As such issues prey on the minds of many people, a rational response makes
>sense. If this means losing the tag of Marxist, so be it.

You should give some thought as to whether you belong here. I set this list
up for people who wear the tag Marxist proudly.

Louis Proyect

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