affirmative action

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Aug 30 12:26:09 MDT 1999

There has been a Black petit bourgeois ( Thank you , Carrol) in the U.S. since way
before the 1960's. Sociologist E. Franklin Frazier wrote _Black Bourgeoisie_ in the
1930's. Carter G. Woodson wrote _The Miseducation of the Negro_, mainly a criticism of
petit bourgeoisie, in 1933.  There has been an increase in disparity of wealth among
Black people in recent years.

The U.S. ruling class rule on this is that no Black people can hold dominant or
controlling positions in the financial oligarchy or the main monopoly capitalist
institutions. In other words, Black people can only be petit, not big, bourgeoisie.
In practice , many ( and maybe more and more) petit bourgeoisie become aware of this
and they become a resevoir of resentment against "the system".  Any bourgeois strategy
of "creating a Black middle class" has great potential to backfire and radicalize many
"educated" Black people,  given the structural limitation of no Blacks in the big
bourgeoisie. It is a double-edged sword for the bourgeoisie.

Of course, the club of the big burghers does not have open admission for anybody. But
a few white nouveau riche are allowed each generation, like Bill Gates or Tom Monaghan

The largest Black owned and controlled business in the U.S. currently is Mel Farr's
car dealership, not one of your Fortune 500's. There was affirmative action for many
positions,  but not admission to the capitalist class, something pretty hard to
disguise from anyone who can count, something educated Negroes  learn to do.

The rule against big , black bourgeoisie was recently enforced for all to see in the
bidding on casino ownership in Detroit. First of all this type of thing is a
demonstration to white masses that their white privilege is intact, reaffirming the
Racist Social Contract, the Promise of America.

Charles Brown

>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at> 08/30/99 01:42AM >>>
>Kevin Dean:
>>Let us not let bleeding heart liberals call the shots.  Lets not lose sight
>>that AA is for the free market.  Let us not think that simply because 'right
>>wingers oppose AA' we should say the opposite.
>Yes, indeed.  The smart money in the ruling class set out to create a black
>middle class back in the mid 1960s.  Affirmative action is a key mechanism
>for doing this.
>Philip Ferguson

Wake up.  It's near the end of the 1990s now, and a good deal of
affirmative action has disappeared already in America.  The remaining parts
are on probation, so to speak.  The Right has learned to used "civil
rights" laws to destroy whatever anti-racist programs we have ever gained.
I suppose you don't pay attention to the US domestic politics.


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