ETAN-ALL: NDP resolution on ET

Krishna Lalbiharie umlalbi0 at SPAMcc.UManitoba.CA
Tue Aug 31 15:00:22 MDT 1999

The following emergency resolution was passed unanimously at the New
>Democratic Party (NDP) Federal Convention in Ottawa on August 29, 1999.

>WHEREAS since the illegal invasion of East Timor over 200,000 East
>Timorese have died as a result of the genocidal policies of the
>Indonesian government; and
>WHEREAS Canadian governments both Liberal and Conservative have a
>shameful record of silence and complicity with the Indonesian regime,
>as witnessed at the Vancouver APEC summit, the UN, and elsewhere; and
>WHEREAS on Mnday, August 30, the people of East Timor will finally be
>able to determine their own future to exercise their right to
>self-determination, in a UN-supervised referendum; and
>WHEREAS the referendum process has been marred by widespread violence,
>murder and intimidation by the Indonesian government backed
>pro-integration militias, in blatant violation of the May 5th accord
>signed by Indonesia; and
>WHEREAS neither CNRT leader Xanana Gusmao nor Nobel Peace Prize-winning
>Timorese leader Jose Ramos-Horta was permitted to campaign in East
>THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the federal NDP congratulate the people
>of East Timor on at long last exercising their right to
>self-determination, plege to stand in solidarity with them as they
>build their new nation, and call on the Canadian government to:
>1) seek an immediate peacekeeping force in East Timor
>2) demand the immediate withdrawal of the Indonesian military from East
>3) provide substantial economic aid to assist the people of East Timor,
>particularly displaced refugees, in key areas such as health care,
>education and housing; and
>4) work to bring to justice those responsible for crimes against
>humanity in East Timor.

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