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Tue Aug 31 17:10:01 MDT 1999

Poor Billary are going around New York carpetbagging and looking for some
digs. Perhaps they could ask the Oneida or Cayuga or St. Regis or Seneca or
Tuscarora or Onondaga or Tonawanda if they could move in on the Rez. I'm
sure they could scare up an old HUD house for them to move in. I'm sure they
will love the water as some of the Rez's have been designated as official or
unofficial toxic waste dumps. And for scenery, well in addition to gorgeous
hills and valleys and trees and streams, they can catch some of the sights
sitting around one of the overworked and understaffed Indian Health Clinics.
There are some local bars that would give them a real and rather memorable
welcome on a Saturday night.

They could give lectures on violations of Human Rights in China and about
freeing "captive dependent nations" like Tibet and about how the U.S. stands
for freedom, equality before the law, "trickle-down" prosperity, stopping
genocide in Kosovo and Bosnia, etc--the "locals" would love it.

If Bill gets the "old itch", he could sneak out and join some of the notable
and known (photographed) judges, cops, lawyers, politicians and clergy who
regularly prowl for very young Indian boys and girls for their twisted
"evening pleasures." The could get some paying consulting work from some of
the corrupt Tribal Councils that they and the BIA helped to put/keep in
office and/or from some of the Casino dollars that never wind up anywhere
near the average Indian on an average Rez. Plus the photo ops for Hillary,
you know, the  "OK-look-'concerned-and-caring'-take-three" ones, would be

Jim C

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