US plots Colombia invasion.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Tue Aug 31 13:35:17 MDT 1999

<an intervention force of Peruvian, Ecuadoran and Brazilian soldiers
would join forces with five Colombian army battalions currently being
trained by US advisers to fight the rebels...>

As concerns the Brazilian soldiers, the whole scheme is a pipe-dream.
The fact is that the Brazilian army, since WWI, is draft-based, and that
would guarantee that - in case a sizeable force was sent, and not just
some NCOs and officers in the role of observers or mediators -  the
soldiers sent would be mostly young conscripts. Now, the Brazilian army
has fought, in the last 140 years- when it was reorganized from a
systemn of landowner militias and foreign mercenaries into a
professional force - only a truly major war, the War of the Triple
Alliance, a grim, nasty and bruttish business that provoked an enormous
surge of desertions, broke national finance, and had to be waged by
drafting huge masses of slaves sold to the governmrnt by free draftees
in exchange for not presenting themselves [that may sound incredible,
but it's true.The surviving slaves, of course, received their freedom as
"fatherland volontaries"]. Afterwards, there was only the supression of
internal disturbancies like Canudos and the token participation in WWII
in Italy, 1944-1945 - with, by the way, a very good cadre of officers of
left persuasion that wanted to join the anti-fascist struggle. The
national thrauma created by the sending home in bodybags of conscripts
that enlisted to wear decent clothes, learn to write, read and drive,
have a pair of boots, etc., or of middle-class concripts that hadn't
enough influence to dodge the draft plus the present sorry state of
things in Cardoso's regime, would create all the conditions to a major
turmoil, that would have consequences, I believe, very similar to the
Portuguese colonial wars of the 60s and 70s, about which João Paulo
Monteiro could tell something... Nverthless, such a dream of deploying
Braz. troops to Colombia could only come only to the mind of CIA
officers, that are thinking in a manner very similar to the Portuguese
army diehards that made the infamous *Brigada do Reumatico*.Even Cardoso
will ask to be counted out.

Carlos Rebello

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