NZ Labour's law'n'order nazis

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Thu Dec 2 21:02:18 MST 1999

Barry Buitekant writes:

>Why is Phil Goff called a 'Labour nazi'. I only have a passing
knowledge of
>New Zealand politics and so would like to know why  such a  (seemingly)
>extreme term is used to describe him.

Hi Barry,

obviously I don't mean that Phil Goff is involved in a fascist movement
or is a Hitlerite or anything like it.  I also don't use - and don't
like the tendency of many on the left to use - the word fascist as some
kind of epithet against anyone right-wing.

But have you ever heard the term, 'little property-owning fascist' to
describe someone who gets a bit of property, or some official title and
uniform, and starts behaving like a dictator?  It's not a strictly
Marxist use of the word, and it isn't meant to imply the person is a
member of a mass petty-bourgeois counter-revolutionary movement, but it
kinds of sums up a sort of mentality.  That's the way I used it in
relation to Goff.  In terms of his 'mentalite', he is one of Labour's
little law-and-order nazis.  He wants much stiffer penalties for
law-breakers, especially working class and lumpenised elements who
commit crimes against property and people.

At the same time as the general election here last week, we had two
referenda.  One of which was about making the law more supportive of
victims and bringing in longer prison sentences and hard labour.  92
percent of those who voted, voted for this!  This is the kind of stuff
that Goff supports.  In fact he has been beating the drum for getting
tough on crime for years, trying to show (quite successfully actually,
because it's true!) that Labour is more committed to law'n'order than
'soft-on-crime' National.

Goff will be in his element as justice minister - he'd probably love to
be police minister at the same time, but one of the other Labour creeps
will get that.  As we approach the new millenium, and we might expect
human civilisation to have gone beyond revenge and punishment directed
at the 'underclass', these kinds of ratbags and demagogues would love to
have hard labour in the prison system, and probably floggings too.

BTW mate, you still haven't sent me that catalogue of stuff from
Housman's you said you'd sort out a couple of months ago.  Hope the shop
is going well, and I look forward to the catalogue.


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