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Wed Dec 1 13:59:50 MST 1999

Jim says : "USA/Eu policy is opportunist and uses what comes to hand and
sometimes can be quite stupid e.g. the Afghan adventure which looks like
backfiring on
them. But if you believe the above how can you explain the recent moves by
the US senate on Sudan.Are the mainly Moslem Kurds also victims of this

First, US-EU policy is NOT one - it is internally divided, but let's skip
that. The Afghan adventure has alas not backfired; it has provided the
motivated personnel (trained, fanatical islamic fundamnetalists) to organize
to destabilize large areas, attempting to destroy nation-states which are
centers of resistance to imperialism.  These include "Moslem" countries (that
is countries inhabited by Moslems) such as Algeria and Afghanistan in which
progressive forces, even modern forces, are murdered ruthlessly.  This also
includes Russia, historically the worst pain in the ass for the US, and
China, where Islamism is a problem; there is every evidence that the US is
intimately connected with these Islamists though publicly disavowing them.
The Islamists have been used in Bosnia (Isetbegovic is a long-time
fascist-Islamist).  And so on.

Does this mean the US does not sometimes also punish Islamists?  OF course it
does.  Hitler also  slaughtered some of his own officers - i.,e. if they were
uncooperative.  One feature of the Sudan (as they have said publicly) is: the
leadership there has been uncooperative.  Are there inconsistencies,
diversions, consequences necessary to disguise intent?  Yes.  Does the US
ruling class plan? Does it conspire?> Yes it does -  not based on CARING
about religion but certainly based on USING religion.  It does NOT simply use
what is at hand; it plans ahead, like a bumbling bear, as Jim suggests.  It
plans ahead, like any "good" corporation - and even more so, employing people
to come up with plans and counter plans and debating them and so on. In the
case of Yugoslavia, the planning goes back to the end of World War II when
they safeguarded the defeated fascists of Croatia, planning to use them
later.  We used to laugh at the "Captive Nations Week" fossiles; it turned
out they were not dead..


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