Oh my African Tsegai

Néstor Gorojovsky nestor_gorojovsky at SPAMyahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 09:06:31 MST 1999

--- Ghebremichael Woldeselassie <ghebremichael at hotmail.com>
> My friends
> I should point out that around my friend with the computer
> there is a circle
> of people, who discuss many things freely.  We have looked at
> your messages.
>   My English is not good, and I hand you over to my comrade
> Tsegai, who has
> studied in London..  She response to a very interesting
> message on science.

So that we have struck onto a mother lode! So that there is some
way to transform this strictly individualistic means of
communication into the expression of a collective! Marvels of
the Third World and of poverty! Be welcome all of you unknown
for me group of African people!


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