A welcome to demonstrators in Seattle.

Patrick Bond pbond at SPAMwn.apc.org
Thu Dec 2 01:54:31 MST 1999

The operative verb, I gather, is "delink." Alexander Cockburn's radio
report yesterday morning on SAfm radio was very explicit:
Sweeney and Hoffa did an historic sell-out in changing the march
route (in exchange for access to Clinton and the WTO), which led
to a much earlier breakthrough of the blockade than would have
happened had some tens of thousands of marchers taken the
original route and provided support.

On 2 Dec 99, at 13:58, Gary MacLennan wrote:
> Were there any
> attempts to link up the Hoffa led demonstration with those protesting
> outside the WTO Centre? That is the combination that would have shaken the
> world not just Seattle.
> regards
> Gary

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