Inquiry on KLA

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Dec 5 10:59:49 MST 1999

During the lead up to, and during the NATO onslaught, I remember pieces by
Chussodovsky, Johnstone, and N.Y. Times writer, Chris Hedges in Foreign
Affairs, on the origins and backing of the KLA esp. as regards the German
BND (intelligence agency) and the Albanian heroin trade asimportant support
props. Has Jared Israel at Emperor's New Clothes, or the paleo-conservatives
run this piece. If so, Jared, please comment. (I'd be surprised if Justin
Raimondo, of,  the gay ex-Pat Buchanan speechwriter, lurks here!
He has read Telos, the ex-Frankfurt Schoolish journal though before most of
their editors supported the actions against Milosevic et. al. Telos, has
always managed to be provocative, wherever, the Telosians might be now or
                                         Michael Pugliese

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