Old SWPers and Solidarity (the organisation)

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    Solidarity is a regroupment of various currents that at one time or
another originated in the U.S. Socialist Workers Party. The core group that
initiated this movement were the old IS, the left wing of the followers of
Schactman, the Draper wing, which got together the Bloom-Lovell current that
arose in the SWP in the early 1980s. Various other sectors have joined
Solidarity since then, including people who were in and around Pedro
Camejo's North Star Network in the mid-80s, and people who looked to Malik,
Barry and Caroline Lund, three long-time SWP leaders who were pushed out in
1989, were briefly in Nat Weinstein's Socialist Action, and then oriented to
a regroupment with the Committees of Correspondence, which arose from
divsions within the U.S. CP following the attempted coup against Gorby,
which Gus Hall supported and a wing of the party rejected.

    The ex-SWPers/C of C regroupment apparently fizzled out due to divisions
over whether or not to support Democrats and a decline in activities by C of
C, and it seems the various folks involved tended to join solidarity.

    Solidarity doesn't view itself as a democratically centralist "Leninist"
organization, the programmatic nucleus of a future vanguard party, etc. I
know a lot of the people that originated in the Schactman current reject
what most of the left understands as the Leninist model, good for all times
places and circumstances, as an un-Leninist, i.e., an un-Marxist schema, and
I believe that a good number of the post-1978 SWP "graduates" agree with
this view. The group has a limited programmatic platform; the essence of it,
I would say, is working class political independence, internationalism, and
identification with various movements and issues that arose from the
radicalization of the 1960s. They place great stress on non-sectarianism and
workers democracy.

    Solidarity publishes a magazine Against the Current but it isn't a
"line" publication. From their web site, http://www.igc.org/solidarity/ I'd
say their main campaigns are East Timor/Indonesia solidarity and Mumia, but
it is hard to tell, since they do not publish a political organ, so to

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>I was recalling a discussion had on this list about where some of the
>former US Socialist Workers Party members had gotten to. And I recalled
>a number of them being involved in Solidarity. Does anyone know much
>about Solidarity and what they are doing?
>I know Barry Sheppard and Malik Miah are involved.
>Rachel E

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