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Néstor Gorojovsky nestor_gorojovsky at
Sun Dec 5 18:12:38 MST 1999

--- Carrol Cox <cbcox at> escribió:

> I suggest the graybeards on this list not grumble too much
> about all
> the things that weren't right (or they think weren't right) in
> Seattle.
> "Seattle" doesn't even really began until those 50,000 go back
> home.
> What they do then, not anything that happened in Seattle this
> week,
> will decide whether Seattle was a blip or something like the
> events
> that were memoralized in a book entitled, *They Should Have
> Served That Cup of Coffee*.
> Carrol

"Graybeards" leaving women aside, I guess Carrol does not
include them in the group...

But yes, from this castaway slice of the human history that is
Argentina, we have had enough experience to strongly support his
comments. I have not entered the debate on "anarchists", and
will do so next week if I have time and a new e-mail account.
But yes, I think that something new has been generated there,
and please keep in mind that it was not only the inter-block
dissensions, not only the opposition of Third World countries,
but also the material expression of the political limits to the
will of the American bourgeoisie (that is, for example, the fear
that struck Clinton lest would he lose the support he has in the
unions...), that turned this WTO meeting a failure.

By the way, let us begin thinking ahead, because this failure
foretells deeper and deeper conflict between imperialist blocs.

The situation is beginning to be too much like a pre-1929 one. I
am not saying that we are living in 1928 (though we may!), but
that the storm is slowly taking a definite and clear shape.


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