Abomination of Desolation [put in a place where it shouldn't be].

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at SPAMantares.com.br
Sat Dec 4 20:39:19 MST 1999

Hello list mates- My Internet server moved last Saturday, and the
recently privatized telephone company of Rio de Janeiro (a "national"
private group who is presently making huge profits out of scrapping the
physical capital received from the state in a shadowy bargain) made the
already usual mess; therefore, I stayed for almost a week unplugged.
These scrappings of public services, combined with rampant common
criminality, bouts of state repression, and corruption everywhere, are
living proof that the tissue of society in Brazil is already threadbare,
and, as Mark Jones said about the Seattle incidents "something" is about
to happen. Proof of that is the letter below, sent to the (very)
bourgeois newspaper * O Globo* of today, about the incidents of last
Thrusday in Brasilia, where the militarized police force broke into a
picket line of state employees, eventually killing one protester from
bullet wounds and depriving another two of one eye each due, to rubber
bullets hits. The letter is of unexpected litterary quality, and was
written by one José Ricardo de Alemida Torreão:

"It's noteworthy the impavid indifference with which this paper notes
down another crime sponsored by our elites. Perhaps your journalists
hadn't take proper note that we were not in Southern Pará [a reference
to the massacre of landless peasants in the Amazon town of Eldorado dos
Carajás some years ago, about which a jury last year found the peasants
guilty of "having attacked first the forces of order", something
"proved" by the death-warrants prepared by the famous pathologist Badan
Palhares, who is now being investigated by a Parliamentary Inquiry
Comission about suspicions of his working for organized crime] and that
the victims were not convicts from the Carandiru prision in São Paulo
[where 110 inmates where killed when the police broke into the prision
during a riot in the early 90s]. About our president - that
Marie-Antoinette-with-migraines [when inquired about the findings of the
PIC on organized crime, Cardoso replied, with his usual levity, that
"Civil Society must put a stop to this social migraine", something like
that]- one should warn him that the tools of the massacre were bullets
and not brioches. This episode is, again, one more instant picture of
the deplorable country perpetrated by Reaction; this abomination of
desolation around which the [bourgeois] press dances satisfied. Until

trans., Carlos Rebello

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