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Wed Dec 1 03:18:23 MST 1999

Paul Flewers <paul.flewers at> said:

> Macdonald Stainsby wrote: < Comparing the PCP to Pol Pot is just more
> anti-PCP slander. >
> The local Sendero fan club -- the British section of the Revolutionary
> Internationalist Movement -- proudly asserts its great times in
> as the Stalin period in the Soviet Union, the Chinese Cultural
> Revolution, Hodja's Albania and Pol Pot's Cambodia.
> Paul F
I would hope that you can think of better sources than a bunch of folks
from little sects as your sources. I do mpt doubt their weirdness, I
doubt that their message has any tie to reality.

Macdonald Stainsby

check the "ten point platform" of Tao at:

"To give food aid to a country just because they are starving is a
pretty weak reason."
   Henry Kissinger, 1974
(former American Secretary of State)

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