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> I have only had time now to get on a computer and read thru all of
> discussions and forwarded reports. I'm breathless.
> For four days I have had less than four hours sleep a day.
> Monday:The Squat.
> Myself and half a dozen others spent Monday providing ground support
> night in solidarity with the Virginia Ave. squat. The police were
> cooperative, but the water and electricity was turned off. This
> concerns, since the squat did not have fire extinguishers, their
> were running low (and were mostly relegated to comm equip.) which
> the lighting of candles. The police were extremely hesitant to
provide any
> because they were very concerned about being liable if they were were
> properly used  if a fire did occur. Therefore, extinguishers were not
> provided. Undercover Feds and cops were in abundance, posing as
> bystanders, and circling the blocks several times. Some people were
> to leave quite quickly and deliveries of food and batteries were
> accomplished. I left the site twice to recruit relief people, since
most of
> us were dead on our feet. Adequate relief wasn't available until
almost ten
> in the morning. I then slept four hours under a table at the DAN
> space before being awakened by the announcement that the squat was
> closed in upon. A procession marched down to the Autonomous Zone (the
> and blocked the door so that the occupants could leave without being
> out. The procession then took to the streets.
> I have to go now. More later.
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