Battle in Seattle

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Dec 4 15:54:13 MST 1999

>> I echo Lou's sentiments on "fuzzy thinking"
(contained within a recent post in which he outlined four key trends
of demands amongst the protesters in Seattle).<<

As comrades know, my revulsion at fuzzy thing is second to none.

Yet it seems to me that in Seattle we saw something beyond the specific
slogans put forward by the various currents in the labor and radical

I've seen things on this and the Cuba list like, the attempt to bring down
(imperialist country) tariffs against forest products is bad because it
hurts rain forests, as clear cut a defense of big lumber as one could
possibly hope for; the whole moving defense of the "right" of European beet
sugar growers to dump product on the world market at 1/10th its cost of
production while they produce behind protectionist CAP walls; etc. There's
no way to solidarize with THOSE demands yet, clearly, thousand of people
didn't mobilize for the purpose of screwing Dominican cane cutters or
Nicaraguan furniture makers, they thought they were doing just the


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