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> Which leads me to some questions about Ethiopian culture. Am I
> mistaken in
> thinking that of all the countries in Africa, Ethiopia has
> been less porous
> than all the others in terms of being influenced by outside
> culture? In
> some ways, Ethiopia has struck me as the Japan of Africa--not
> in the sense
> of being an economic powerhouse obviously, but in the sense of
> being
> resistant to outside domination. It would be interesting to
> study her
> history of successful military defenses against would be
> conquerors. Even
> though Haile Selassie became such a monster in his old age, I
> am still
> stirred by Bob Marley's rendition of "War" whenever I hear it.
> What about Ethiopian novelists or poets? And is there a good
> history of the
> country that you can recommend?

Well, I would recommend as a beginner the last (?) chapter of
Samir Amin´s "Unequal development", where he does some sensible
comments on Ethiopia. He misses some of the points he makes on
Argentina, on the same chapter, but these are minor points in a
good general picture, so I suppose the same must run for the
part he dedicates to Ethiopia.

But our newly found Ethiopian friends will certainly know

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