WTO500 Solidarity Actions - report (fwd)

Tony Tracy tony at SPAMtao.ca
Sat Dec 4 04:22:26 MST 1999

a post from my comrade garth mullins, a leading figure and spokesperson
for the group of anti-APEC protesters from vancouver called Democracy
Street (http://democracy-street.tao.ca). garth is still in seattle... i've
been speaking with him daily via phone since tuesday (when i returned to

a couple of days ago, garth was hospitalized briefly after a fall on his
noggin' -- he had a tear gas canister lobbed a foot or so in front of him
by the cops, and as he started running off to get away from the gas, he
was overcome (lack of oxygen) and passed out mid-step, falling to the
ground and hitting his head. as he laid on the ground, passed out, an
armoured vehicle driven by the cops came driving towards him, and would
have run over him had he not been pulled out of the way by fellow
protesters, who poured water over his face until he was concious and able
to see again, and packed him off to the hospital. he went through a CAT
scan at the hospital, but he's fine except for a concusion. he has,
however, sustained a good deal of pepper spray and tear gas in the past
couple of days...

i especially loved the note in his "ps" at the end :)

 - t.

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Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 01:29:58 -0500
From: garth mullins <garth at dojo.tao.ca>
Subject: WTO500 Solidarity Actions - report

Friday night as of 10pm


there are currently two actions underway in solidarity with the 500+ that
have been arrested. i have been told that 97% of those inside have resisted
processing and have not given any name or other information, it was relayed
to one action that one woman inside had been grabbed by two male guards and
had her face repeatedly smashed into the concrete floor. this broke her nose.
other women inside have been threatened with rape. still others have had
pepper spray applied directly into their eyes. there have been several cases
of beatings inside.

there are currently several hundred people sitting peacefully in front of the
king countly jail as they did until 2am this morning.

there are also several hundred sitting in front of the Weston hotel, some are
U locked to the doors. both actions have support people, food, water, smokes,
legal observation, media, videographers, etc.

The action at the Weston is INSIDE the "exclusion zone" and is ringed with
hundreds of national guards and cops and riot cops. they have several empty
busses standing by , presumably to haul away more protesters. the city is
still in a state of "civil emergency"

the demands of both actions are

1. begin immediate negotiations with the mayor, the chief of the jails, and
the prosecutor in order to expidite the release the imprisoned.

2. public apology from the mayor's office and the chief of police

I have just come from the weston sit in where several speakers made the point
that the politics of the WTO are only enforcable through police violence.

Actions continnnue in solidarity with the arrested. a number of men REFUSED
to be released this afternoon, choosing insteadto remain in jail with their
brothers and sisters.

garth, in Seattle..

p.s. i was talking to a steelworker and when he found out i was from canada
he said "aww, nothing like this would ever happen up there, its so democratic"

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