More on the Eugenians

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Sat Dec 4 12:16:37 MST 1999

Michael Hoover wrote: < For what it's worth, I used to read Zerzan's
stuff years ago in anarcho-primitivist (think that was how folks
described it) paper called *Fifth Estate* (out of Detroit, if memory
serves).  Some used phrase 'simple tools' rather than term
'anti-technology' to describe their views. >

In Britain, a similar group publishes Green Anarchist. The strapline on
its front page says 'For the Destruction of Civilisation'. I asked a
couple of GA sellers whether this meant the destruction of desktop
publishing facilities and litho printing, as this would put their
magazine in a tight spot if it did, but I didn't get an intelligible
reply. These guys were also selling the Unabomber manifesto, and a
friend of mine asked if they were happy about workers being hurt by his
bombs. Once again, no intelligible answer.

Paul F

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