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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Dec 4 09:25:32 MST 1999

I am in the final stages of a new Marxism mailing list webpage, which will
include a "Frequently Asked Questions about Marxism" section. One of the
questions that will be dealt with has already been discussed here, namely
"What is bourgeois democracy?" The answers to FAQ's should be 500 words or
less. Here are five that I'd like to include answers to when we go live. I
seem to remember Jim Farmelant having a characteristically answer to
question one somewhere, apst possibly. If he can find that, it would be
great. You can post your answers to the list or send them to me privately,
whatever you choose. Also, if you'd like to supply other questions/answers,
please do so. I would like the Marxism FAQ to be a resource used by
students and newly radicalized people all around the world. Nearly once a
week I get a request from a high school student somewhere asking for help
in a paper on socialism or Marxism. I'd like to point them to the FAQ.

1. Can a socialist government come to power peacefully, or does it require

2. What accounts for the rise of dictatorship in socialist countries?

3. Marx predicted growing misery for the European working class, but it
seems to enjoy prosperity today? Was Marx wrong?

4. What do the terms "dialectical materialism" and "historical materialism"

5. What is the "dictatorship of the proletariat"? Why would Marxists
advocate dictatorship of any sort?

Louis Proyect
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