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> >Friends,
> >
> >My comrade Justin, from ICC, telephoned from Seattle tonight.
> >
> >Sketchy details:
> >
> >Riot cops tried to move in on protesters but were stopped when the
> >Anarchist Black Bloc sat down in the middle of the street and
refused to
> >move.  The police opened fire with tear gas and rubber bullets.  The
> >Anarchist response was to begin smashing windows:  McDonalds, The
> >and Niketown were mentioned.  Two Anarchists were shot while trying
> >hoist a newspaper rack and shove it through the Niketown window.
> >
> >People who Justin called the "peace police" were yelling "non-violent
> >protest" while pelting the Anarchists with bottles!  I gather they
> >liberal types---their politics are pretty confused.  He also
> >confrontations with people from the stores.
> >
> >Justin also said the Anarchist squat where he stayed last night was
> >the part of Seattle now under curfew.  The police had tried to storm
> >squat but had been repulsed by the occupants.
> >
> >Justin is coming back to LA tomorrow and I have many other Anarchist
> >friends up there, so hopefully, more details will be forthcoming.
> >
> >Here in Los Angeles, local Anarchists organized a picket outside of
> >Pacific Stock Exchange while the dockers unions at the Port of Los
> >Angeles staged a 3-hour work stoppage to protest the WTO and "global
> >trade which does not benefit everyone."
> >
> >Scott
> >Insurgency Culture Collective
> >Los Angeles

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